Mommys little Monster (krakkillsalot) wrote in bouncingxsouls,
Mommys little Monster

Senior quotes

Okay guys i need your help what do you like as my senior yearbook quote all the lyrics are the bouncing souls im really torn between 1 (true believers) and 2 (the something special)

1. we live our life in our own way never really listened to what they say the kind of faith that doesnt fade away we are the true belivers.

2.we all walk our seperate ways i dont know why i hope we meet again somewhere some day

3. i love you all but i gotta get out and change this scenery ive got to find what im living for ive got to change this life im living

4. the world is just a blink of light it cant hold me anymore

5. too old to bother too young to care
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