Chris Burkhart (cky2chris) wrote in bouncingxsouls,
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Hey, sorry to bother everyone with this little request, but does anyone know where i can find some good bouncing souls LJ icons?

And thanks for those recommendations guys, i picked up Anchors aweigh, since thats all i could find in my tiny ass town...i plan on buying maniacial laugher when i can find it next.
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I had posted some a while ago in the other bouncing souls community bouncingsouls if you just keep looking back on the entrys it'll be there. but heres some of them i made....

mind if i use No. 6?
sure go ahead. =)
thanks is a really good place to find any CD. IF it's working. sometimes I go there and it just routes me to ebay.
If i was going to order fromt the net, i would order direct from the label..but i cant, because i have no credit card, thanks though.
ahh, right on.

well if you ever get a CC and can order from the net, i can usually find out of print CDs on that site too. It's really lovely.
im taking 4. thanks man. ill credit.
i like the ecfu thanks hombre
your welcome =)
this is nice